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Breaking news 24 November 2011: Syyncc's Google+ functionality is currently broken. There'll be a note here and on the google group when that is fixed. Also, Buzz is being shutdown, and the API no longer works, so Syyncc will no longer work with Buzz.

Syyncc is a tool for tying together your social networks. Currently it supports Facebook and Google's Buzz, with read-only Google+ and experimental Wordpress support, but plans are to add support for many more networks.

With Syyncc, you can post in one of your networks, and have the post automatically copy to the rest. For example, you can post in Google+ and have that post copy to Facebook, Buzz and to your Wordpress blog. Even better, if anyone comments on your post in any of your networks, the comment will be copied to all the other networks too.

Google+ support: currently one direction only (from Google+ out to other networks, Syyncc can't yet write anything to Google+). Syyncc works with PUBLIC posts only.

Facebook support: Syyncc respects your privacy, and will only work with your posts to Everyone, not with those to Friends or Friends of Friends.

Buzz support: Syyncc will only work with your posts to Public, and will leave Private posts untouched.

Experimental Wordpress Support: Wordpress support still has some issues, but is available to try.

Syyncc is free. Help me with server fees!


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